Guarantee & After-Sales Service

Sometimes, after we’ve chosen an item and purchased it successfully, due to faults occuring there may be a reason to exchange or repair afterwards.

Here we'll try to explain in plain terms how our store’s warranty policy works and how you can be using it when shopping with us.

What Products are Provided with the Warranty?

All goods are supplied with a 12 months manufacturers warranty unless otherwise stated.
All Baumhaus products are supplied with a 5 years limited warranty.

This means that the goods should be free from manufacturing defects for the warranty period of the item. Any repairs or replacements will be dealt with case by case and will be done in the most cost effective way to ourselves.

  • Repairs 

    When a repair is necessary. An appointment will be made for a convenient day. A technician will attend the delivery address and asses the fault. They will then attempt a repair. If a repair is unsuccessful, the technician will notify us of this and a replacement part or item will be required.
  • Replacements

    When a repair is not possible, we will either provide a replacement part or a replacement item. This will be done in the most cost effective way to ourselves.
  • Upholsterey

    All seat cushion cores have a natural tendency to become softer during a normal usage cycle, and will conform to the shape of the user. A Limited 1 Year Warranty applies.
  • Damaged Items

    Items reported damaged after the time period stated in our terms & conditions are not covered under any warranty. We will however supply replacement parts or pieces at discounted prices.

How to Claim?

For any warranty claims. Please send us an email with the description of the issue you have, accompanied by pictures of the issue and also pictures of any batch number located on the product.

When we have the required information, we will get back to you as soon as possible to inform you how we can deal with the claim.

If an item is over 6 months old and we feel that the claim has been caused by damage / misuse in a customers home, under the consumer rights act 2015 it is the customers responsibility to produce their own report from a technician that is recognised by the furniture ombudsman. We will inform you if we require a report.

If a technician appointed finds the issue to be a manufacturing issue, then we would reimburse the cost of the technician and resolve the issue. If the report states wear and tear, then we wouldn’t be able to cover any costs or repairs and we would not be able to do anything further. The technician report will need to be completed and back with us whilst in the final weeks of guarantee.

The below are repair companies which are recognised by the furniture ombudsman.

Homeserve -

Telephone: +44 (0)1384 473 000

Email: [email protected]

In What Cases the Warranty is Not Provided?

  • 1 or 5 Years Limited Warranty

    All items cover a 12 months warranty. All Baumhaus items are covered by a 5 years limited warranty.

    Claims outside of this period will not be honoured.

  • Regular Usage Check

    Goods are only covered from defects, not damages or faults caused by regular usage.

    This does not cover, dents, chips, scratches, rips, burns etc caused in the evironment of the item.
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